FAQ / Investment

What is a Brag Book?

Check out the image above. A 5x7, 50-page, mini album that we give to anyone who books us for at least 8 hours. It's our gift to you.

Why you want a Brag Book!

There are two reasons, First, many people who plan on making their own album never do. (How sad!!!) However, when you have a Brag Book you’ll be able to enjoy and easily share the priceless memories of your wedding day on a daily basis.

Second, our computer monitor is calibrated to our professional print lab’s color specifications. When clients use consumer printing labs to process their print and orders, a photographer’s diligent work and artistic vision can be made to look sub-par.

Investment Info

Wedding Coverage ranges from $1500 to $3000

Wedding Packages range from $3500 to $4500

(Packages include add-ons: Albums, engagement sessions, canvas wraps, additional Brag Books, etc.)

Portraits (family, maternity, baby, lifestyle) from $350

Studio Headshots $125

Commercial/event shoots $85/hr. (5 hr. limit)

How long have you be shooting weddings?

We have been photographing weddings since 2006, that's 200+ weddings as we enter our 10th season!

Tell me about your style?

We shoot a mixture of creative portraiture and photojournalism. We are constantly looking for a unique perspective, interesting angles and different backgrounds so that all of your photos are fantastic! Our style, though modern, isn't trendy and isn't limited to the latest filters or Photoshop actions. We aim for crisp, timeless images that won't look dated in a few years. It's important to us to capture your personalities and interaction as a couple in the most relaxed and creative way possible.

What equipment do you use?

Nikon pro gear with lights and backups. We have 11 lens in our bag to offer many unique perpectives.

We use Quantum Q lights for family formals. They are wireless, battery powered lights that are fast to work with, yet provide excellent light. Creating professionally lit family formals are just as important to us as capturing fun and creative images throughout the day.

How many images will we see on our DVD?

Around 600 to a 1000 images, depending on the hours of coverage in your package.

How long does it take to see our photos?

The edited images are completed 6-12 weeks after your wedding. For portrait sessions, the images are ready 2-3 weeks after your session.

We never look good in photos?

We have heard this story before. All the people on our website are normal everyday people. It's our job to make you look good, feel relaxed and comfortable. The single piece of advice we can give to you after a decade of shooting is to just relax and enjoy your day. We will take care of the rest.

How much photographic time do you need during my wedding formals?

Every wedding is unique, but in general we like to start photography 4 hours before the ceremony, this gives us:

45 min for prep photos

75 mins for the two of you

45 mins for your wedding party

45 mins for your family photos

Photos end 30 mins before the ceremony. If any travel time is involved, that time needs to be added to the start time.

We also almost always steal you away for some images later in the day, especially during "Golden Hour."

What is Golden Hour?

Simply put, golden hour is the first hour of light after sunrise, and the last hour of light before sunset. The term "hour" is used figuratively, as the light only really lasts 30-40 minutes or so. It's fleeting, so we work fast. Our goal is to make the most of this time to produce some incredible wedding images for you.

To determine exactly when Golden Hour is for the date and location of your wedding, we use this calculator. Your photographer needs to know this information.

What's the process from start to finish?

Use the contact form to ask about pricing, products and availability. The contact form will tell us enough about your wedding so we can give you a custom quote. From there, you can either set up a meeting with us, or give us a call (651-455-1506).

When you decided to book with us, we will send you a contract. Once we receive the signed contract with the 50% retainer, your wedding is booked. 4 weeks before your wedding we will begin communicating with you to finalize your schedule. The final 50% balance is due two weeks before the wedding.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash or check.